The heavens cracked open, armies of angels passing through The Arch on horses. Their eyes were a flame of fire and from their mouths came a sword penetrating the flesh. A rain of rocks fell, the satellites and power towers melting in the burning sun. It screamed a beautiful melody. presents the apocalyptic visions of producer Nokuit. Constructing a hellish diorama across six tracks of industrial electronics, Golden Arch uses biblical allegory to explore contemporary malaise.

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Listen on Spotify presents an international co-production, “Nokuit - Golden Arch” written & recorded by Carlo Ascrizzi, mixing and mastering by Robert Soma-Lewis, art direction, photography and design by Martin Kellett, numerology by Egland Lani, telecommunion by Sam Keating-Fry, distributed by Rubadub.

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Part business, part religious order and part ancient military — is a multinational cabal comprised of active agents and clandestine cell systems.
We have met the enemy and he is us.

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